virtual classes

We’re thrilled to offer the Flow experience you know and love online.  For virtual classes, you’ll sign up on MindBody just as you normally would for a studio class. (see our schedule to sign up). Class will take place over Zoom - it’s free, and can be downloaded onto your computer or phone! Video optional - you are free to turn that on or off, it’s up to you.   Once you're signed up, you'll receive the Zoom link via email 15 minutes before class.  All you need is a mat and something to rest your head on like a pillow or block.  

virtual mat core flow

Great for all levels. Virtual Mat Core Flow classes will explore the foundation exercises of Pilates mat.  Incorporating at home props and variations to progress the fundamental mat repertoire. Classes will focus on core stability, proper alignment and building balanced strength and flexibility. Our unique method will create a rhythm and pace that will bring a "yoga" like flow to class.

*Please note, our policy states clients in their second or third trimester may take pre-natal classes only.

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