teacher training

Our next Teacher Training will begin March 2024

Become a fully certified Pilates Instructor through our life changing training program.

Our goal is to train exceptional instructors that we want to hire. We lay the foundation providing a deep understanding of anatomy and the principles of Pilates, as well as teach you to be a flexible and intuitive thinker.

We want you to emerge from our certification with the skills to be a highly successful instructor both in our studios and going forward with any path you choose to take within the wellness industry.

We find that most programs either prepare you to be an amazing group class teacher OR an incredible private session Instructor, but very often do not prepare you for both. We will give you the tools and experience to develop both types of teaching skills, as well as guide you to develop your own unique style which will lead to more diverse opportunities.

Our certification program provides both Pilates mat and a full apparatus certification.

The Certification will take place from March 2024 to end of October 2024.

While we do not offer work/study opportunities, you will be given the opportunity to begin teaching half way through the certification process. We will provide flexibility for payments.

Self practice, observation and practice teaching hours will be done on your own schedule. The majority of hours should be completed at one of our studio locations however, can also be completed at approved Pilates studios and from home.

Tuition - $6500
Deposit to enroll - $1500 | Due by February 1, 2024

We offer a BIPOC scholarship of $3000 towards the $6500 tuition fee with a reduced deposit of $1000.

Lecture hours will generally be as follows:
Fridays - 3:30pm to 7:30pm  |  Saturdays - 3:30pm to 7:30pm

Breakdown of hours:
130 hours lecture
110 hours self practice
120 hours practice teaching
110 hours observation
100 hours of apprentice teaching
Total = 570 hours