Los Angeles native Talia Rodgers grew up practicing West African, Hip Hop, Ballet, and Modern dance. She later moved to NYC to attend St. John’s University and fell in love with the city. She began her career as an audio and television producer but life as a producer required near-constant travel and she noticed that it was beginning to take a toll on her body. After suffering a knee injury while training for a marathon and a separate back injury, she found herself in search of an activity that would alleviate her pain and allow her to stay active. Through Pilates, she discovered a discipline that not only reconnected her with her love for movement as a dancer but also one that encourages mental and physical strength. 

Pilates helped her to remain injury-free and find joy through movement, so she decided to complete her 600 + hour comprehensive certification through Erika Bloom Pilates Plus. As an instructor, she looks to instil confidence and strength in her clients while paying special care to their unique needs & challenges. With a focus on alignment while gaining flexibility, mobility, and stability she hopes her clients leave feeling freedom in their bodies and empowered to take on the day.