I discovered a love for movement as a young dancer and cross country runner while growing up in North Carolina. Though Pilates has always played a part in my movement studies, my consistent practice didn’t begin until my time at Cornish College of the Arts, where I received a BFA in dance in 2015. Since then, I’ve been fascinated with the form and its benefits for all bodies, including my own.

While I integrate my years of dance training and my running practice into my Pilates sessions, I’m always adapting my exercises to the current moment and the bodies I’m working with. It’s been a pleasure to share what I’ve learned with clients and to make new discoveries along the way. When I’m not doing Pilates, I work as a freelance dance artist and help manage Base, an experimental performance + residency space in Seattle.


  •  600+ Hour Comprehensive Pilates Apparatus, Flow Pilates 
  • Pilates Mat, East River Pilates
  • Pre & Post Natal, Flow Pilates 


  • Pilates Foundations
  • Injury Prevention
  • Full Body Integration/Coordination
  • Restorative Movement