I began practicing Pilates in 2015 while I was studying dance at Florida State University. After becoming passionate about Pilates in college I only wanted to deepen my practice and begin to find ways to share it with other people. As a mover, I find Pilates an invaluable way to build strength, increase mobility, and find a mind-body connection. Throughout all of my movement practices, Pilates has remained a constant way I can come back to my body.

Since I've begun teaching my love for Pilates has only grown. I love seeing the light bulbs turn on for people in class as they access all the ways that their bodies can feel good while exercising. I enjoy creating a welcoming class environment that is challenging yet nurturing for all bodies.


  • 600 + Hour Pilates Mat & Apparatus - Flow Pilates/Balanced Body
  • Pre & Post Natal Certified - Flow Pilates


  • Beginners
  • Dancers
  • Athletes