I grew up as an athletic child in Southern California. Dance team, swim team, softball, horseback riding— I have always been active. At age 20, I pulled my hamstring during a dance show which dramatically altered my ability to moved with ease. After years of sciatic and piriformis issues, a friend introduced me to Pilates. It felt incredible to awaken small muscles that were underutilized and finally find relief from pain. A year and a half later, I decided to begin my Pilates certification in hopes of helping others gain strength and relief from their muscular wear and tear. I completed my certification in March of 2017 and have been teaching ever since. I’m constantly seeking continuing education to expand my knowledge to train more people in every stage of life. I genuinely believe Pilates is meant for everyone and I look forward to sharing my passion for movement with every class and session I teach. 

Every body is a puzzle and I strive to find the most beneficial exercises to tap into the best versions of ourselves. My Pilates mission is finding the most functional way to move freely through the world with spontaneous zest and pleasure, just as Joseph Pilates hoped we would!