Maura Puscheck

I practiced Pilates for almost a decade before receiving my mat certification through Flow Pilates in 2021. When I dedicated myself to gaining a more profound knowledge of how Pilates can connect mind, body, and breath, I was so excited to share what I learned.

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Janet Cesarotti

I began practicing Pilates in 2015 while I was studying dance at Florida State University. After becoming passionate about Pilates in college I only wanted to deepen my practice and begin to find ways to share it with other people.

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Julia Sloane

I discovered a love for movement as a young dancer and cross country runner while growing up in North Carolina. Though Pilates has always played a part in my movement studies, my consistent practice didn’t begin until my time at Cornish College of the Arts, where I received a BFA in dance in 2015.

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Nora Alami

As a practicing dance artist, I have a long-standing love and appreciation for the body as a site of knowing and research. I come to Pilates with an investigative and creative approach, not only for the patterns and habits that live in my own body...

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Sydney Hale

Pilates initially came into my life as a way to rehabilitate injuries resulting from my lifelong dance training. After moving to NYC and experiencing a series of stress-induced health issues, I found Pilates to be an integral part of my healing.

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Natalie Braha

As a former athlete, I was used to being active in a fast and careless way that often led to injuries. After shattering my leg in 2015 my doctor recommended Pilates as a bridge from physical therapy to conventional exercise.

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Arielle Bendory

Practicing for over 15 years, Pilates seems like it has always been a part of my life. As a young dancer, the art of Pilates naturally complimented my love for movement. I always found it to be not just physically healing, but mentally as well.

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Sierra Hendrix

I am a dance artist and movement practitioner. After many years of injuries from my dance training, I found pilates to be the most supportive for my everyday movement and function. I strongly believe that pilates can be accessible to all bodies and will leave you feeling powerful and peaceful.

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Cate Beehan

A native New Yorker, I have been teaching pilates for over ten years. As a former classically trained ballet dancer, I studied with New York City Ballet and Pennsylvania Ballet. My background of ballet brought the precision essential to the pilates practice.

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