Kristin Cherny

Kristin believes every body can do Pilates. She aligns herself with your natural ability, and flows through class with a focus in challenging both your mental and physical capabilities. Kristin’s intention is not only about empowering you through movement, but also about instilling an electric confidence when you walk out of class. 

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Christina Cervenka

Every body is a puzzle and I strive to find the most beneficial exercises to tap into the best versions of ourselves. My Pilates mission is finding the most functional way to move freely through the world with spontaneous zest and pleasure, just as Joseph Pilates hoped we would!

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Arielle Bendory

Studying anatomy and contrology through functional movement has helped me gain a deeper understanding of my body. Noticing improvements in my posture, strength, flexibility, stability, mobility, balance, and coordination, I became even more dedicated to the practice.

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Harmony Jackson

Becoming a certified practitioner and learning a whole new method of movement and muscle toning has been such a blessing for me. I’m eager to teach my students how to safely push their body to new limits and reap the benefits of this amazing movement method!

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Sierra Hendrix

Sierra's aim in class is to increase the mind-body awareness with challenging yet functional movements. She strongly believes that pilates can be accessible to all bodies and will leave you feeling powerful and peaceful!

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Talia Rodgers

With a focus on alignment while gaining flexibility, mobility, and stability Talia hopes her clients leave feeling freedom in their bodies and empowered to take on the day.

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Cate Beehan

A native New Yorker, Cate has always been someone on the move. She trained in classical ballet for 15 years and studied with the prestigious New York City Ballet and Pennsylvania Ballet. After deciding to focus on a career in acting, Cate moved to Los Angeles and sought a work out that would challenge and keep her interest over time.

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Josandra Armillas

Movement balances my body and mind in so many ways. I could not exist without it. I discovered Pilates in search of pain reduction due to scoliosis and postural imbalances that I was experiencing. Having studied Ballet and dance at a young age, Pilates was a natural progression of my movement experience.

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