Flow Pilates - Pilates in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Josandra Armillas

Movement balances my body and mind in so many ways.  I could not exist without it.  I discovered Pilates in search of pain reduction due to scoliosis and postural imbalances that I was experiencing. Having studied Ballet and dance at a young age, Pilates was a natural progression of my movement experience.  With consistent Pilates practice, I have been able to eliminate pain, find freedom of movement, achieve optimal spinal alignment and simply feel my best physically and mentally.  As a mother, Pilates has helped me stay strong through pregnancy, prepare for childbirth and recover postpartum.
To facilitate and inspire my clients to be their best self is the ultimate reward of teaching.  I love sharing the wonderful results that I have found through Pilates, with others. My goal in teaching is to empower my clients to progress their practice, find joy in movement, increase awareness in their body and stay active and strong.
Flow Pilates - Pilates in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Angelica Thornhill

Angelica started practicing Pilates in 2006 and was immediately hooked after realizing it relieved her lower back and knee pain.  She got certified to teach in 2013 and loves helping people make improvements in their body that they never thought were possible. Her classes focus on form and alignment, correcting imbalances in muscles and posture, rehabilitating weak or injured areas, and building lasting strength and flexibility. Her ultimate goal is to help students improve their performance in all activities, from sports, to dance, to running, and everyday life tasks.
Flow Pilates - Pilates in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Jessica Hynes

Walking into a studio gives me life! I am so grateful to have discovered Pilates as a part of rehabilitation following a cervical disc herniation. Through my journey, I found a new way of movement that changed my life. I have learned how to heal myself and prevent injuries, and I want to share that with others. I am also a new mom, and have seen the benefits Pilates can bring to the pre- and postnatal stages of pregnancy. I have never felt stronger and more confident in my everyday life. I am excited to bring the same joy and benefits to clients.

I love sharing my knowledge of the body to assist others in becoming the best version of themselves. Pilates is truly for everyone and I enjoy inspiring my clients to work towards their goals. My aspiration is for clients to learn about their bodies and leave every class feeling strong and empowered. With this, I hope they gain a better understanding of the beautiful balance of control and freedom they can have in their bodies. Clients should feel ready to tackle the world!

Flow Pilates - Pilates in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Janessa Clark

I am always in motion, whether I am practicing Pilates, dancing in a rehearsal, performing on a stage or navigating life.  I was plagued with lower back injuries as a young dancer and discovered that Pilates was the only system of exercise that helped me to become stronger, pain-free, more efficient in my body, and more aware of my alignment.

My teaching philosophy is that everyBODY can benefit from the Pilates Method as it is a system of physical and mental integration. Our bodies are brilliant and complex organisms with inherent intelligence and surprising resilience. Facilitating a dynamic relationship between the body, mind and spirit is my goal for every client. I am committed to assisting clients who are unearthing, nurturing, or rediscovering the will and desire to improve physical fitness, mental acuity, a playful spirit, and a better quality of life.

My motto is YES YOU CAN… achieve new levels of fitness, prevent and rehabilitate injuries, de-stress your life, return to restful sleep, breathe easier, and maintain your vitality. My job, and more importantly, my responsibility, is to help facilitate these goals in a safe, effective, and vibrant class.

Janessa has completed certifications from BASI Pilates International and  Steele Pilates. She has also completed continuing education for Pre/Postnatal Pilates, Pilates for Scoliosis, and Back Care. She is a birth doula in training.

Flow Pilates - Pilates in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Caitlin McGarry

Six years ago I dedicated my life to the healing arts after working in the photography world for over 10 years. I received my Pliates certification 2 years ago through The Lab via the Pilates Method Alliance.  As a certified Reiki II Practitioner and lifelong Tarot Reader I was drawn to the rebalancing aspect of Pilates.  As a photographer and body worker I’m fascinated by muscle memory and how we tend to go about life in automatic mode.  Once you learn how to properly connect with your body, breath, and muscles you become more aware, much like gaining control of your camera and manual mode.  My goal is to assist in rebalancing my clients mind, body, and spirit with love, insight, and empowerment.  Healing is a daily effort and lifelong journey and I’m thankful to have found such an impactful and rehabilitative physical practice as a Pilates instructor.
Flow Pilates - Pilates in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Becca Rubinfeld

My Pilates journey began as a grad student when I discovered a direct correlation between physical strength and mental fortitude. A great class puts the mind and body in touch in new ways, and the importance of nourishing both became clear.  I love helping individuals use the Pilates method to gain flexibility, build strength, and achieve better posture. Pilates is for everybody! And this versatile system of exercises will deepen breathing, increase awareness of the body, and bring more ease in everyday movements. As a teacher I am passionate about helping people live healthier and more peaceful lives.

Flow Pilates - Pilates in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Arielle Bendory

Practicing for over 15 years, Pilates seems like it has always been a part of my
life. As a young dancer, the art of Pilates naturally complimented my love for
movement. I always found it to be not just physically healing, but mentally as
well. Eager to learn more, I received my comprehensive certification in 2013
through Erika Bloom in NYC.

Studying anatomy and contrology through functional movement has helped me
gain a deeper understanding of my body. Noticing improvements in my posture, strength, flexibility, stability, mobility, balance, and coordination, I became even more dedicated to the practice. With benefits such as these, I wholeheartedly believe that Pilates is great for anyone and everyone. Pilates is not just another form of physical exercise, it teaches you how to be mindful of your body.  With an eye for form and detail, I customize my sessions to meet my client’s individual needs, helping them access underused muscles and guiding them to a better alignment. I have experience working with pre/postnatal women, dancers, athletes, seniors, and those recovering from injuries. I’m passionate about educating my clients about how to discover their own mind-body connections for a happier, healthier, and pain-free life.

Flow Pilates - Pilates in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Elle Erdman

I am a life long dancer and started taking Pilates to strengthen my physical practice. Pilates helps organize my body the way nothing else does because it creates alignment, protects my joints, and significantly lengthens and tones the muscles that make me feel strong, centered and ready for any physical challenge.

Coming from a dance and somatic background in Body-Mind Centering® I was inspired to teach something that bridges the anatomy and physiology I know and love so well. I wanted to find a way to share this passion and knowledge by helping people find a deeper mind-body connection so I turned to Pilates!

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